Donations for Balkan League 2017

If you are interested in supporting the Warcraft III Balkan League 2017 there is no better way than to donate to the prize pool! All donations will automatically be added to the current prize pool and will be distributed in the following manner:

Finals Rankings:
Winner: 50%
Runner-up: 33.3%
Third Place: 16.7%

You can donate using the button below:


Seeding Rules for Balkan League Qualis

Balkan League‘s qualifiers are going to feature, beside other things, a special seeding system. The following factors will be applied when seeding players:

  • Any results from Round of 16 (1/8 finals) onward in any offline or online tournaments with prize pool that have been played between 25 December 2016 and 8 September 2017 are taken into account. Points are NOT awarded for the following types of tournaments:
    • friendly tournaments;
    • clan wars;
    • in-clan wars;
    • random hero tournaments;
    • random race tournaments;
    • invitational tournaments.
  • Basic points are awarded for reaching specific rounds in tournaments and are distributed in the following manner:
    • 1st place: 10 points
    • 2nd place: 8 points
    • 3rd place (or semi-final, if no match for 3rd place): 6 points
    • 4th place: 4 points
    • Round of 8 (1/4 finals): 2 points
    • Round of 16 (1/8 finals): 1 point
  • Basis points are multiplied by multipliers that are based on the overall prize pool of the corresponding tournament. The multipliers vary from x1 to x5.

Seeding rules apply only for qualifiers!

In case you would like to donate to the prize pool of the tournament, you can do it here.

Balkan League 2017 Rules

  1. Qualifiers.

– Double-elimination grid;
– All matches are in best of 3 format;
– 8 seeded players based on previous offline tournament results (rankings) and other tournament results (Gera Cups, MooCups, WCA 2016, GCS).

Dates and results:
– First qualifier: 9 September 2017 (Saturday), 12pm CET (1pm EET);
– Second qualifier: 16 September 2017 (Saturday) , 12pm CET (1pm EET);
– Points are awarded based on the ranking achieved in each qualifier in the following way:

Position Points
Qualifier Winner 10
2nd Place 6
3rd Place 5
4th Place 4
Loser Bracket Round of 4b 3
Winner Bracket ¼ final or Loser Bracket Round of 4a 2
Winner Bracket Round of 16 or Loser Bracket Round of 8b 1.5
Participation in Qualifier 1
  1. Finals.

– Double-elimination grid for 16 players; 14 players qualified via qualifiers based on points system, 2 special invitation slots;
– All matches until the semi-finals are in best of 3 format; semi-finals in winner bracket and in loser bracket and all matches thereafter are in best of 5 format;
– Players are seeded based on how many points they gained during the qualifiers with the exception of the two winners of the qualifiers; the two winners of the qualifiers are seeded as follows:
Winner of First Qualifier: Seeding #1
Winner of Second Qualifier: Sedding #2
– Winner of First Qualifier is thus not allowed to participate in Second Qualifier.

– All matches will be played on 7 October 2017 (Saturday) , 12pm CET (1pm EET).

  1. Prizes.

1st place: 80 leva*
2nd place: 50 leva*
3rd place: 20 leva*
*The prize pool might be increased as a result of additional sponsorship or donations.

  1. How to Sign Up.

Go to the following page:

  1. Tournament Rules (apply to both Qualifiers and Finals).
  1. Maps:

Ancient Isles (AI)
Amazonia (AZ)
Echo Isles (EI)
Last Refuge (LR)
Nomad Isles (NI)
Secret Valley (SV)
Terenas Stand (TS)
Turtle Rock (TR)
Twisted Meadows (TM)

  1. Vetoes:

The player who is on top in the grid has the first veto. Both players veto 4 maps until 1 map is left, which would be the starting map. The winner of the first map then has the right to veto 2 maps, and the loser of the first match has the right to pick any of the remaining 6 maps.

  1. Races:

Each player has the right to choose any of the four races, as well as random race. However, each player needs to inform their opponent of their choice prior to the beginning of the map veto process. If a player plays a different race than the one he specified before the game, the game has to be replayed.

  1. Observers:

Observers are allowed, unless one of the players forbids that. In case of insufficient observer slots priority is given to the following (in order of preference):
– Pre-approved live casters;
– Sponsors;
– Non-pre-approved live casters;
– Clan team members of the players.

  1. Disconnects:

If a player disconnects before the two players have scouted each other, the game has to be replayed. If the disconnect happens again, the disconnected player gets a default loss for the map.

  1. Penalties:

Players are forbidden to insult their opponents, other players, referees, casters, or observers. Insults may result in ban from the tournament.

Usage of hacks or other unfair methods of taking advantage of the opponent are forbidden.  If such abuse is noticed, the player using hacks or cheating will be disqualified from the tournament.

Usage of the following game bugs is forbidden and will result in default loss of the map if spotted:
– Zeppelin staff abuse (for Night Elf and Human);
– Infinite teleport abuse (for Night Elf);
– Wind Walk item teleportation drop (for Orc).

  1. Waiting Times:

If a player doesn’t show up within 15 minutes of the start of the corresponding round, they are awarded default loss for the first map and are given additional 15 minutes to show up for the second game. If they still don’t show up after a total of 30 minutes, they lose the match.

Once a series has started, both players have a maximum of 10 minutes of rest time between maps.

  1. Arguments and Special Situations:

In case of argument between players, a referee needs to be called to resolve the issue. The official referees for the qualifiers and the finals are:
– rbr.Shorty
– rbr.GodFather
– rbr.LeX

  1. Replays:

The winner needs to save the replay and send it to one of the referees for confirmation. Failure to do so may result in match replay.

  1. Player Eligibility:

Only players with nationality of one of the following countries are allowed to participate in the tournament:
Bosnia and Herzegovina
If a player is found not to be national of one of the above countries, the player will be disqualified from the tournament.

  1. Server:

All games will be played on W3Arena ( and will be hosted on official W3Arena hostbots.